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                                       In the Footsteps of the Aliyot

Untill the end of the 19th century there were very few Jews living in The Land of Israel. They all lived in urban centers; the 4 holy cities, Haifa, Jaffa, Schem, Gaza and others.

The first meaningful wave of Aliya is in the 1880's and is known as "The First Aliya". Following are more waves of aliyot from various countries including the period after the establishing of the state.

In our course we will learn about the difficulties of each wave and the contribution of each group to the establishing and developing of the country; it's society, industry, agriculture, etc.

All trips will be accompanied by bus with very light walking. The meeting places will be at The Binyane Hauma in Jerusalem and Modiin Mercaz train station. The tours will take place on Wednesdays every other week, between 8:00 A.M. – 6:30 P.M.

Tour no. 1- 18/1/2017:

The first Aliya:  Rishon L'tzion – a colony supported by the Baron Rothchild ; we'll visit the museum which tells the story of the beginning, the well -  "Matzanu mayim".   Gedera; - a colony established by the "Biluyim" who refused to accept  Rothchild's support. Then we'll go to the old city of Jaffa – the urban center of the first aliya colonies from all aspects; finance, trade, education, culture.

Tour no. 2 - 8/2/2017:

Second & Third Aliya:  Who are the people of these "aliyot"? What was their ideology? We'll visit "chatzar Kinnerret"  - the training camp of the first kibbutzim; we"ll hear about the leaders: A.D.Gordon and Manya Shochat; Um G'uni – the beginning of Deganya, the first kibbutz; the cemetery of Kinnerret, where lie Rachel (the famous poet), Berl Katznelson, Ben Zion Yisraeli and many leaders of the period. How do  the Yemenites connect with the second aliyah?  What was the relationship between the Jewish veteran population in Palestine and the newcomers? About these issues and others, including "The Rabbis' Journey" , we'll hear in Poriya (established by the St. Louis group), D'ganya and other sites..


Tour no. 3 - 1/3/2017:

Fourth & Fifth Aliya:    the Aliyah which doubled the Jewish population of Palestine. Tel Aviv:   The dramatic developing of the "first Hebrew city"; The Tel Aviv Port – prior to the port this was where the first "Makabiya" and the first Levant Fair took place . Biyalik's house & the original "Beit Ha'iriya".  The significant role of the "Yekim" olim in establishing  industry and the famous "Bauhouse" building style. Why did all the great  "admorim"  settle in TA? We'll hear about that while visiting the beautiful Great Synagogue of TA. More about the history of TA at the old-new Sarona neighborhood. 

Tour no. 4 - 22/3/2017:

The Aliya of the fifties:   Chan Hadera museum-  a model of the "ma'abara",  the transit camps;  Or Akiva – Ayeret Pituach – developing town, meet with the general manager of the town. Elyachin – we'll hear from Tzadok Malichi about the moshavei olim , their difficulties and the first "uprising" of these new olim against the Aliya Administration . We'll also learn about the debate whether Israel could permit all Jewish people to make aliyah. What was Ben Gurion's approach to this question and who opposed him?  Heftzi Ba visiting center – a renovated farm from Yehoshua Hankin's era with one of the first water pumping systems in Israel, preserved today by the Israeli Hevrat Hashmal.

Tour no. 5 – 26/4/2017:

Kibbutz Galuyot:  different backrounds – one People!

We'll visit the Libya Jewry museum and the Babylonian Jewry museum in Or Yehuda; Yvel – absorbing & training of Etheopian olim into the diamond industry.

Summary:   Is Israel a "melting pot" of the Jewish People or maybe some kind of "chulent"?  We'll listen to various opinions in Jerusalem.

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