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“By the Book” Series

In this series we will tour less known sites that will bring to life major stories from the books of the Tanach.  We will visit the area of Beer sheva,  Follow Joshuah's footsteps from the Jordan to Mt. Grizim, Learn About Devorah and Siseras battle around Mt. Tavor, Have an indepth tour of the Ellah Valley to understand David and Goliaths story and end with the prophet Eliyahu vs king Achav.   All trips will be accompanied by bus and involve light walking.

The tour day will be from 8:15 A.M. till about 6:30 P.M. Meeting places will be at Binyane Hauma in Jerusalem and the Modiin Mercaz train station in Modiin.

The course will take place on Mondays (every other week),and the guide that will lead this course is Margalit Frydman.


1. 23/1/2017: Learn about nomadic life with Tanach reference at Jo Alon Beduin  museum,  we will then continue to Tel Sheva for an extensive tour of the site emphasizing the water problems and solutions of this region   ,  the we will visit "Abrahams  well" in modern Beer Sheva and enjoy a movie  about Avrahams legacy at the site, we will  drive to explore Tel  Gerar, a less known site.


2.  13/2/2017: Joshua-  follow the tribes as they enter Israel. Drive to Kasr el Yahud on the Jordan river, visit and learn about the Gilgalim and giant feet, drive to Mt. Grizim  On Mt Grizim meet Samaritans and enjoy the Har Bracha winery.


3. 6/3/2017: Judges- follow the story of Dvora and Barak. Drive to El Achwat – supposed Chroshet Hagoyim, view Jezreel valley from Meggido, drive up Mt. Tavor, enjoy a visit to the marzipan museum, easy walk in Keini stream


4. 27/3/2017: Shmuel-  David and Goliath- start the day at the new Police museum in Beit Shemesh- what can we learn from David., continue to Tel Azeka and Socho, visit Goliaths home town at Tel a Safi.


5. 24/4/2017: Kings-  Eliyahu and Achav. Drive to Haifa visit Eliyahus cave, continue to Hecht museum in Haifa University, visit Muchraka to learn about contest with the Baal prophets, drive to Tel Yizrael  where we will enjoy short nature walk.


All tours are subject to changes for weather and security issues.

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